Many Bothans died trying to change this news. But news it is, and it isn’t great.

I’m Board will not be conducting any official 2016 FFG Store Championships. Yeah.

And the frustrating part is this is totally our fault. We missed the boat. The window opened last October 2, and closed October 16th, and we did not even realize FFG was soliciting the events until a week later. Despite many phone calls and much gnashing of teeth, we were not allowed to join up. Which is completely understandable.

We are discussing right now about running some good alternative “Store Champ” events, because those things are fun, but they won’t have the official FFG swag, nor the Regional byes. But we’ll try to make sure they are still cool.

And we will certainly be chomping at the bit to acquire one or more Regional events, as we enjoyed last year.

So, my apologies to all our customers who look forward to these events each year. We’re extremely disappointed as well. We’ve put reminders in place to make sure we’re on the spot next year. And by all means you are all welcome to point out announcements as FFG releases them.

Thanks again for all your awesomeness,

– Bryan