Commanders, gather your forces! We are launching Warhammer 40,000 organized play! This event will coincide with our upcoming Paint ‘n Take and Monday night Miniatures, featuring “Into No Man’s Land,” a series of events running throughout the month of November from the 6th to November 28th. This campaign focuses on small, squad-based combat using the Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team rules. We’re starting with a building and painting event, and encouraging newcomers to join by providing five free space marines to anyone who pledges to fully paint their force and engage in at least on battle. Then we jump into league play on Mondays, finishing off with a tournament on the November 28th.

We’ll be posting tips and painting guides on our website as well, so whether you’re new to the scene or an old veteran, join in on the fun!

11/06/16 – Welcome to the War/Take to the Field – A building and painting event perfect for new comers or those wishing to start a new Kill Team.

11/07/16 – Campaign Begins with small scale one-on-one scenarios.

11/14/16 – Campaign heats up with bigger scenarios and multiplayer matches.

11/21/16 – Campaign continues within the Arena of Khorne – will your forces survive the Blood God’s arena?

11/28/16 – Kill Team Tournament and Parade Day – Will your forces win glory? Show off your painted team!

Each player will be able to build a force with the following restrictions: