Time to kick off our Star Wars Destiny Dice season 1! This season will run during the period of January-March. We will host three tournaments during this period during which you will be able to win prizes from the official Fantasy Flight Games seasonal organized play kits. You can find the dates and details for those tournaments below as well as on the store event calendar. We will also be issuing various missions that you can accomplish during the off-tournament weeks in order to win organized play kit prizes and booster packs. Stay tuned for details on the missions!

Tournaments will be held on:
Thursday, January 19, 6pm – 9pm
Thursday, February 16, 6pm – 9pm
Thursday, March 16, 6pm – 9pm

Entry fee for each tournament will be $5. Prizes will be distributed based on attendance and performance.

We will be promoting a casual environment where players of all interest and skill levels are welcome. As Fantasy Flight Games classifies it — a relaxed tier level of play. Just the same, we encourage you to bring your best game! Play to win, but have fun while doing it, respect your opponent, and demonstrate exceptional sportsmanship.

The tournaments above will follow Fantasy Flight Games’ official tournament regulations. Each tournament will feature Swiss-style pairings of best of one matches. Rounds will be 35 minutes with procedures for going to time. Format will follow the Basic Structure (this includes number of rounds, which will in turn be based upon attendance). See FFG’s tournament regulations for more details here: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/7f/38/7f38e2dc-59e8-485b-bb72-108357d0f00b/swd_tournament_regulations_v10.pdf

Rules will be enforced based upon FFGs most current rules reference and FAQ available on their site here: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/e3/76/e376985a-05dc-4622-a651-33e75a39288c/swd_rules_reference_11_good.pdf

We look forward to gaming with everyone and seeing the fun/powerful decks you cook up!

Please note that tournament scheduling, timing, distribution and management of prizes, and any rule, procedural, or organizational disputes will be resolved at the sole discretion of the tournament organizer.