OK, everyone, we know a bit more about our Spirit of Rebellion allocations. The news is not awesome, but it is also not dire. Some considerations before we lay it on you:

  • We always knew this product was going to release in waves. We just did not not know many each wave would contain.
  • Preorders for this game will be met in full, but in waves. That means we will eventually get everything we want, just not all at once.
  • Demand for this game is huge and still unexpected, due to reasons I discussed in detail in our live Q&A last week: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/135145214
  • We are extremely interested in keeping our own allocation as fair as possible.
  • FFG allocated a uniform number of boxes per store for those who purchased direct, regardless of the number they ordered, in order to give more to distribution (I see this as their way to make it as fair as possible as well). That number was very small.
  • We spread our orders out among several suppliers, including FFG direct.
  • Our orders were massive. Several times greater than our typical order for a new Magic set.
  • With all of that in mind, we should be receiving about 20% of our preorder in this first wave. That is better than a lot of stores.
  • We do want to hold onto a few boxes as prize support for our various Destiny events.
  • ANOTHER WAVE IS COMING SOON. Although we don’t yet know how soon. With Awakenings it was two weeks, but there is no guarantee that timeline will be repeated. FFG isn’t saying anything yet (which is smart). We also have no idea how much more product will arrive in the next wave.

So, based on what we know, and what we have been told, here is how we are going to distribute this first wave of product:

  • If you placed your preorder request on or before April 2 (the Sunday of our prerelease weekend), you are guaranteed to receive ONE box.
  • If you placed your preorder on April 3 or later, we are going to wait until we have product on hand before we determine how it is distributed. We don’t want to promise anything yet, as we have not yet been promised much on our end.
  • If you are allocated a box, you must pick that box up within one week or we will make it available to someone else and your box will shift to the next wave. Of course, if you have extenuating circumstances please let us know.
  • All preorders taken on or after April 18 will be held until a subsequent wave.
  • If you ordered multiple boxes, those extra boxes will be allocated in subsequent waves.
  • We would like to have some product for the shelves, but we don’t know if we will yet. If we do, packs will likely be very limited to a few per customer per day, as we’ve done in the past.

Finally, if you are allocated product during this wave, and you are willing to defer your box until a future wave, we will give you double VIP points when that box becomes available again. Deferred boxes will be used to ensure all those who preordered get a box, and to allow us to provide more product for the shelves. If you are interested, please give us a call at 608-831-6631 and let a staffer know. Thanks.

Thanks for reading to end. I hope you all find this an amicable solution to a dicey problem. Eh…? Eh…?