It’s Star Wars Destiny Spirit of Rebellion release day! Our stocks have arrived (and more are arriving today), and here is everything we can tell you!
  • We will have a few packs available for sale over the counter. You will be limited to three packs per customer per day. Let’s see how long they will last. Probably not very long.
  • Wave two will be in-store on May 25th! No word yet on quantities.
  • If you deferred your box until wave two, THANK YOU. You’ve made it possible for more pre-orderers to receive product, and for us to have a precious few packs for the shelves. And remember you will receive double points when your boxes come in with wave two.
  • If you did not defer, and you had your preorder in on or before April 18, we have one box ready for you today! Please try to pick up your box by next Thursday. After that, we will make that box available for pack purchases and you’ll have to wait until wave two. But of course please let us know if you have extenuating circumstances.

And May the Force be With You!