Free RPG Day is coming, and we want you to run some RPGs! We are scheduling eight RPG sessions on June 17. Each session will be 4 hours long. Four sessions from 11am until 3pm, and four more from 4pm until 8pm. And we are now taking submissions for YOU to run a game during one of those sessions!

While you are certainly welcome to run the classics like D&D, Pathfinder and others, we are equally interested in indie games! We do ask that the game be currently in print (or about to be). No home brew systems this time around.

Because we are interested in introducing new games to new players, it would be spectacular if your games are introductory in nature and open to unfamiliar players. Think of it as a big RPG Sampler Day! Pregenerated characters should be at the ready, to ensure time for more fun! Unless of course character creation is part of the fun (cough, Paranoia Reboot, cough).

Games are required to be family-friendly (PG-13 rated) and open to ages 12 and up (or so). Games must last 4 hours or fewer (we will enforce a strict cut-off time).

Please submit your session request to with the following information:

1) Your name and email
2) The game you want to run
3) A title and brief description of your session (this is what your potential players will read)
4) The number of players you can take (4-6 preferred, max 8)
5) If you can do the afternoon or evening session (or both)

We will take submissions until Friday, May 19, and then we’ll decide the schedule, let all GMs know, and begin signups for players. You are welcome to submit a game for each session (the same one or preferably a different one). Please note that not necessarily every request will be scheduled!