This Tuesday, Sept 19, we’re going to launch our new weekly Star Wars Destiny Booster Draft by going “Cheap-n-Casual.” We want to test the booster drafting waters, and test out the system we’ve come up with. So let’s start off with cheap packs and casual fun! Here are the details:
No need to preregister – just show up!
Entry free is $20 with no prize packs – keep everything you draft!
Each player receives:
– 2 Awakenings Booster Packs
– 2 Spirit of Rebellion Booster Packs
– 4 Empire at War Booster Packs
Each player should bring to the game 30 points of non-Legendary characters and one Battlefield. Your characters may be comprised of either or both affiliations (both Light and Dark Side is permitted). Elite characters are allowed. Characters from Starter Sets are allowed.
Players will be randomly grouped into draft pods of 8 (depending on turnout and as possible).
Drafting procedure:
  • There will be two rounds of drafting. During each round players will open and draft 1 pack of Awakenings, 1 pack of Spirit of Rebellion, and 2 packs of Empire at War.
  • At the beginning of the round, each player will open all four packs, confirm that the rare/legendary cards match the dice, and place all four dice in the center of the table
  • The appropriate packs are opened simultaneously by all players.
  • Players then simultaneously pick one card to keep and place it facedown in front of them.
  • The rest of the cards are then simultaneously passed to the player on the left (during the first round) or the right (during the second round).
  • Players continue to pick and pass until all cards have been chosen, and proceed to the next round (if appropriate).
  • After both rounds of drafting are completed, players claim the dice matching the cards they drafted. Players may be asked to show their cards to prove dice ownership.
Once drafting is completed, players are given 30 minutes to build a 20-card deck. The deck must adhere to card color rules, but does NOT have to adhere to affiliation rules. Players may replace characters they brought with characters they drafted, but must play with no more than 30 points of characters. Drafted Legendary characters are allowed.
Players will then play three 30-minute games, Swiss-matched within their pod. Players may change their decks in between games, but must stick to the cards they brought or drafted.
Players may keep all the cards and dice they drafted. There is no “rare redraft” after the event.