Players roll their Skazooms characters into their holes on the gameboard, then place a matching colored chip into the hole. The first player to get all five of their colored chips in their matching holes wins the game. One player says “ready, set, go!” and all players start rolling their Skazooms towards any one of their matching colored holes. Each time you land in one of your colored holes, place one of your chips into that hole. Then bring your Skazooms back to your corner and roll again. If you don’t land in any hole, grab your Skazooms, go back to your corner and roll again. For each roll, you must begin at your corner circle, and release your Skazooms at the “RELEASE LINE” as indicated on your corner. BE CAREFUL! Aim for your holes only, because if you land in an opponents hole, that opponent can put their chip there! Play continues until one player gets all of his/her chips into their five holes. That player wins the game!

Star Trek Adventures 32mm Miniatures

Get the official Star Trek Adventures RPG sets of 8-10 high quality 32mm scale resin miniatures. Each figure also includes a scenic base. There are four sets including Klingons and Romulans as well as the Original Series Bridge Crew and The Next Generation Bridge Crew!

EXIT: The Game – Three New Escape Room Adventures!

In Exit: The Game, players must use their team spirit, creativity, and powers of deduction to crack codes, solve puzzles, collect objects, and earn their freedom bit by bit. It’s an Escape Room experience around your game table! We have three new adventures:

The Forgotten Island
For those shipwrecked on the beach of this forgotten island, a chained boat is the only hope — but the mysterious owner has left puzzles over the whole island. Will the team solve them, free the boat, and escape?

The Polar Station
An alarm sounded in the eternal ice, so the polar station has been evacuated and foreclosed, but a small group of researchers has remained behind by mistake — and they have only one hour to find the code that will crack the lock program.

The Forbidden Castle
The castle is the highlight of the hike, but hardly have the hikers entered the old walls, when the squeaky doors close. Escape appears impossible — but strange hints may lead players in a new direction. Can they solve the riddles and find the way to freedom?

Vegas Wits & Wagers

Vegas Wits & Wagers, an expansion to Wits & Wagers, has a huge playmat that takes over the room at parties and large gatherings. The additional betting sections are designed to create fun banter and bring the high-rolling spirit of Vegas into your living room. The playmat is double-sided. One side has the original Wits & Wagers mat, allowing you to play the original Wits & Wagers. The other side has 3 additional sections:

  1. Players can do low risk bets on “Red” or “Black”.
  2. Players can do high-risk bets on specific players.
  3. There is a section which keeps track of the question # and allows for increasing payouts to the player whose guess is closest each round.

The Vegas Wits & Wagers expansion contains a huge double sided playmat made of neoprene, 2 neoprene mats to close out betting options for fewer players, 7 answer boards, an additional dry-erase pen, some extra poker chip tokens, and a rules booklet.