Codenames XXL

It’s still the good old Codenames, but it’s a bigger now! How big you ask? Twice as big, which means double the size of the box and cards. Those hoping they would double the size of the timer for more time to think will be disappointed. Just imagine, the party goes on and on, and you want to play Codenames with as many people as possible. Now everyone will see better thanks to the bigger word cards. Handy, isn’t it? Codenames XXL edition provides all of the components nicely sorted in a special insert.

Star Wars X-Wing: Saw’s Renegades

Note this product contains materials for both the current X-Wing game and the upcoming Second Edition.

Take the skies with Saw Gerrera and his renegades with the Saw’s Renegades Expansion Pack! Rather than introducing completely new ships to the game, this expansion follows in the vein of the Rebel Aces Expansion Pack and the Heroes of the Resistance Expansion Pack by introducing new versions of existing ships already in the service of the Rebel Alliance. In this case, you’ll find two new ship miniatures—a U-wing and a T-65 X-wing, both pre-painted in the stunning black-and-white paint scheme of Saw Gerrera’s freedom fighters.

Though the ships may be functionally the same as the ones included in previous expansions, the Saw’s Renegades Expansion Pack offers an assortment of ship cards featuring pilots from Saw’s motley band of warriors—or even Saw Gerrera himself, flying his powerful U-wing into your battles. Along with new ship cards for both the T-65 X-wing and the U-wing, you’ll find an arsenal of fifteen new upgrade cards, equipping your squadrons with any number of unusual tactics or system upgrades.

Star Wars X-Wing: TIE Reaper

Note this product contains materials for both the current X-Wing game and the upcoming Second Edition.

Engineered as a high-performance troop transport for in-atmosphere missions, the TIE reaper also made its debut in Rogue One. Equipped with advanced ailerons for precise atmospheric maneuvering, thick armor plating, powerful laser cannons, and the capacity to carry elite infantry, this menacing vessel struck fear into Rebel forces across the galaxy.

Any TIE reaper that you choose to fly in your squadron packs a potent strike, rolling three attack dice as its primary weapon attack. A TIE reaper is not especially agile, leaving it with only a single defense die, but with six hull and two shields, these starships are durable enough to stick around on the battlefield. In fact, TIE reapers bring something quite special to your Imperial X-Wing squadrons. This ship bears the unusual jam action that lets you jam nearby ships and prevent them from using a focus, evade, or target lock—opening a wealth of tactical opportunities when you’re building your squad or flying into battle.

Star Wars Force and Destiny RPG: Knights of Fate

The galaxy is a dangerous place. The teachings and traditions of the Jedi have been lost to treachery and murder. A new generation of those who wield the Force alongside martial training or physical prowess stand against the corrupting darkness. Whether to protect the innocent or assault the enemies of peace, Warriors invoke unparalleled mastery of combat bolstered by the mysterious power of the Force.

Knights of Fate is a sourcebook for the Force and Destiny roleplaying game, focused on the Warrior career. Included in its 96 full-color pages are a multitude of character options such as three new species and three new specialization trees that emphasize unique methods of fighting with the Force. New starships, vehicles, droids, weapons, and other equipment will help expand your campaign’s richness and variety, whether it exclusively uses Force and Destiny or any of the other Star Wars Roleplaying Game line. Knights of Fate also features support and guidance for reinforcing the themes and roles of Warriors in the narrative, from suggestions on how they could approach different challenges to the ways in which other character Careers might interact with a Warrior’s capabilities and limitations.

Star Trek Unpainted Ship Miniatures

The new line of WizKids unpainted, pre-primed Star Trek ship miniatures will be in stock tomorrow (Thursday)! Each package in the new series features one plastic model ship from the Star Trek universe, pre-primed using model primer from Acrylicos Vallejo so painters can get started quickly. Along with each model is a decal sheet featuring different ship details. Each individual model is $5.99. The first batch of ships include:

  • Klingon Bird-of-Prey
  • Federation Intrepid Class
  • Reman Warbird
  • Klingon K’t’inga Class
  • Federation Defiant Class
  • Federation Galaxy Class
  • Federation Sovereign Class
  • Romulan D’deridex Class
  • Romulan Bird-of-Prey
  • Federation Constitution Class