Crystal Clans Expansion Packs

Expand your Crystal Clans games with four new Clan decks. Each is a full clan deck, and requires the Crystal Clans master set to play.

  • Shadow Clan – The Shadow Clan are experts in stealth and manipulation. Their signature Shadow Step ability allows Shadow units to move to an enemy zone for 1 initiative, allowing them to lash out with surprise attacks where the enemy is weakest.
  • Fang Clan – The Fang Clan are as savage as they are strong, and it takes a formidable leader to channel their raw power on the battlefield.
  • Feather Clan – The Feather Clan soar above the battlefield and swoop down to meet their enemy.
  • Leaf Clan – The Leaf Clan possess a strong connection with the soil of the battlefield, allowing them to bend it to their will and lay down roots where they wish.

Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game – All and Nothing 

Enter the Void with the All and Nothing Dynasty Pack for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game. Enter nothingness and everything with three copies of twenty new cards in the fifth Dyansty Pack of the Elemental Cycle. New Shugenja and Spells help you embrace the Void, while the Mantis continue to grow their ranks, and ancient creatures bring aid to the Great Clans.