We have a TON of new stuff in today, and be sure to hit the end of this article for news about some newer product that has been delayed due to the recent flooding. But first, the newness!!

Star Wars Legion: Han Solo Commander Expansion

From his first introduction in a seedy cantina on Tatooine to his unorthodox leadership of the Rebel strike team on Endor, Han Solo is one of the most beloved heroes of the Star Wars saga. Over the years, he’s played a lot of roles: gambler, smuggler, scoundrel, and finally, general of the Rebel Alliance. Soon, you’ll be able to have Han Solo leading your Rebel troopers and vehicles into battle—and he’s got the skills to ensure that you can always shoot first.

Within the Han Solo Commander Expansion, Rebel leaders will find everything they need to add Han Solo as a commander to their Star Wars: Legion armies. A single unpainted, easily assembled miniature features Han Solo with his DL-44 heavy blaster pistol drawn and ready to fire. Three new upgrade cards give you the tools to outfit Han Solo or another unit for battle, and three command cards let you bring Han’s trademark daring and braggadocio to the field.

Star Wars Legion: Rebel Commandos Unit Expansion

The Rebel Alliance can recruit new members from across the galaxy, finding pilots, soldiers, and medics among those who hate the Empire. Plenty of beings can take up a blaster rifle to fight Stormtroopers, but there are a few who are willing to push the boundaries and do whatever it takes to keep the Rebellion alive. Saboteurs. Snipers. The Rebel Alliance’s most dangerous operatives—now entering the infantry battles played out in your games of Star Wars: Legion.

Within the Rebel Commandos Unit Expansion, you’ll find a squad of seven unpainted, easily assembled Rebel Commando miniatures. You may field this unit as a full, standard unit on your battlefield or a small team operating on the edges of the map or behind enemy lines, but no matter how you position the Rebel Commandos, their unorthodox tactics and powerful weapons can sway the battle in the Rebellion’s favor. With five distinct upgrade cards that can be added to the Rebel Commandos or another unit, you’ll find everything you need to put fear in Imperial hearts with this expansion for Star Wars: Legion.

Star Wars Imperial Assault Expansions

Join the crew of the Ghost and take a stand against the Galactic Empire. Five new products for Imperial Assault are now available!

  •  Tyrants of Lothal
  •  Ezra Bridger and Kanan Jarrus Ally Pack 
  •  Sabine Wren and Zeb Orrelios Ally Pack
  •  Thrawn Villain Pack
  •  Hondo Ohnaka Villain Pack

Tyrants of Lothal brings all the action of Star Wars: Rebels to Imperial Assault, the strategy game of epic missions and thrilling combat. A full mini-campaign features your band of rebels joining the crew of the Ghost to take on some of their most dangerous foes, including the brilliant Thrawn and morally nebulous Hondo Ohnaka! Tyrants of Lothal also offers new ways to upgrade your skirmish games, as you fight head-to-head in the wastelands of Lothal. Meanwhile, an assortment of Ally Packs and Villain Packs offer new missions and lend new depth to the other characters populating the Tyrants of Lothal campaign.

A Game of Thrones The Card Game: House-Specific Intro Decks

The world of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series comes to life in A Game of Thrones: The Card Game, a game of military conflicts, political intrigues, and power struggles in the world of Westeros. In this engaging Living Card Game, players become the leaders of eight unique factions, forming strategies and building decks to defeat their enemies and gain power over the Seven Kingdoms. Now, to aid your entry to this world of conflict and betrayal, we have eight new Intro Decks for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game!

  • House Stark Intro Deck
  • House Lannister Intro Deck
  • House Greyjoy Intro Deck
  • House Baratheon Intro Deck
  • House Tyrell Intro Deck
  • House Martell Intro Deck
  • House Targaryen Intro Deck (not pictured – the dragons didn’t want to land)
  • Night’s Watch Intro Deck

These instructive Intro Decks are designed to introduce new players to the mechanics, environment, and key characters of A Game of Thrones: The Card Game, providing a stable foundation and highlighting the unique features of each faction. Each pre-constructed deck contains sixty-nine cards—a full sixty-card deck with seven plots, a faction card, and an agenda card. With one of these decks, you’ll have everything that you need to begin your battles right away, whether you’re battling another intro decks or playing against a custom deck built by other players.

Dungeons & Dragons Endless Quest Books

Welcome to the Forgotten Realms Endless Quest books, where you don’t just read a fantastic tale, you become the hero — and choose your own fate. That’s right, Choose Your Own Adventure books are back! And we have four new titles in both hardcover and softcover formats (note that a couple of the softcover are backordered)…

  • Escape the Underdark – You awaken in an underground cell, stripped of your armor and your sword. Your fellow prisoners inform you that you’re trapped in the Underdark, soon to be taken to the great drowcity of Menzoberranzan and sold off as a slave. But word is that demons are stirring in the underworld’s depth. Perhaps you can use that to break free, fighter. (Softcover backordered)
  • Big Trouble – When evil giants attack your home in Ardeep Forest, your parents think you’re dead and they go hunting for your missing little brother. You wake up and set out after them, helped by a giant wizard who lives in a flying tower. You don’t know where they’ve gone, but you know that if you don’t find them, you’re all in big trouble. Wield your magic wisely against the giants, wizard.
  • To Catch a Thief – When you tried to pick the pocket of a civilar in the night-shrouded streets of Waterdeep, you never thought she’d catch you — and you never dreamed she’d force you into her service. Now you must find the baby griffon stolen by the beholder Xanathar, leader of the city’s powerful Thieves’ Guild. And if you should fail . . . you can count on spending the rest of your life behind bars, rogue.
  • Into the Jungle – The Harpers have lost one of their own, a legendary adventurer named Artus Cimber, keeper of the artifact known as the Ring of Winter. They’ve hired you to travel to the jungle-clad land of Chult to find him. If only you can manage to find Cimber before the frost giants do — or the zombies that infest the land get you first. You’re in the jungle now, cleric. (Softcover backordered)

Taj Mahal

The classic is back! Northwest India at the beginning of the 18th century. The rule of the Grand Moguls is waning, and the Maharishis and princes seize the opportunity to take control of the region. By influencing the prominent forces, building magnificent palaces, and ensuring a steady supply of commodities, the princes increase their power until the most successful has won.

The goal of the game is to gain the most influence points. These can be obtained by building palaces and by acquiring commodities. A palace can be built after securing the support of the Vizier, the General, the Monk, the Princess, or the Grand Mogul. Commodities are gained by seizing control of a region or by retrieving them on a space where a palace has just been built.

There are twelve turns with an auction for the region control and the support of the Vizier, General, Monk, Princess, and Grand Mogul, each represented by a different symbol. Players use cards in four colors to bid for the various prizes, and each player may only play one color in any given turn. During your turn you can either increase your bid by playing more cards or withdraw. When you do, you gain the reward for every symbol you have the majority of. You place palaces, gain region tiles, and increase your score accordingly. There are bonus points for connecting palaces over several regions on the map.After the final area on the board is auctioned, the player with the highest point total wins the game.

Timeline  – New Packaging!

Was the light bulb invented before or after glasses? With Timeline, learn the answer to this question and many more… Each card has a different invention or event and on the opposite side its associated date. To begin, one card from the deck is placed in the middle of the table, date-side up and is the starting point of the chronological line. The players then choose one of their cards and place it in the timeline and flip it date side up. If the player was right about its place, it remains on the table. Otherwise, the card is discarded and a new one must be drawn to replace it. The more cards which are correctly played, the harder it is to place new ones! We have three new products in new packaging (Classic, Inventions, and Events), with fewer cards but a much lower price tag. Mix them for a bigger challenge!


Everything can be labeled, categorized, sorted by topics, or given a tag. Cities can be big or small, movies can be funny or boring, people can be geeks or politicians…but how good are YOU at tagging the world? In TAGS, you have only 15 seconds to come up with at least one fitting answer. Withstand the time pressure, collect the most marbles, and become the winner of this quick and zany game for 2 to 4 players, which can also be played in teams with 4-12 players. TAGS is an accessible and fast-paced guessing game based on the 1995 award-winning game Category by Spartaco Albertarelli.

Flooding Update

Now for the bad news. The local warehouse of one of our primary suppliers, ACD Distribution, was affected by the floods, and they are still in cleanup mode. They do have other warehouses across the country, and the new items that we were expecting to have available yesterday are in the process of being reshipped from their Pennsylvania warehouse. That, coupled with the fact that UPS on our area was also affected, means those items will probably arrive on Monday (Friday if we are lucky). The impacted products include:

  • Brass: Lancashire
  • Hanamikoji
  • Island of Doctor Lucky
  • Pantone: The Game
  • Red Dragon Inn 7: The Tavern Crew
  • Terraforming Mars: Prelude Expansion
  • Werewords Deluxe

Thank you for your patience with these items.