New today are the Kickstarter editions of Thunderstone Quest and the “Back to the Barricades” expansion! But, sit back while we try to explain the finer details here, because AEG has still not quite figured out the whole Kickstarter thing, and they sent us a bunch of boxes that are apparently designed to create market confusion. Ready? Here we go…
Champion Level Core Set
The box on the left is the “Champion Level” core set of Thunderstone Quest, which looks *exactly like* the regular retailer edition we’ve carried in the past. However, this is a reprint of the Champion edition, and you will note it has the product number “AEG6252” on the back of the box, under the barcode. It includes:

  • Really Big Box that holds all Champion content (even sleeved!)
  • 5 Quests (each Quest includes approximately 245 cards and 6 Dungeon Tiles [except Ripples in Time which includes 4])
  • Over 130 base game cards (starting cards, quest cards, treasure cards, wound cards, key cards, randomizers & dividers)
  • Wilderness tile
  • Village game board
  • 6 plastic Champion figures
  • 140 wood tokens
  • 5 six-sided dice
  • Rule book
  • Quest book
  • Kickstarter exclusives, upgrades, & extras including The Yellow Knight card & meeple.

Note that the regular retail edition of Thunderstone Quest looks like the box above, but has the product number “AEG6261” on the back of the box, under the barcode. That product is currently out of print.

To The Barricades Expansion

The box on the right with the lizardman on it is the “To The Barricades” expansion, also known as the Barricades Mode expansion (you’ll have to take our word for it because that is not printed anywhere on the box). The new “Barricades Mode” adds the ability to play the game solo or in a co-operative game (which *is* mentioned on the box). This expansion requires either core set listed above. It includes:

  • 6 Guardian Boards
  • 20 damage chits
  • 1 Damage chit bag
  • 2 Marketplace overlay boards
  • 8 Prestige Class boards
  • 30 Prestige tokens
  • 20 Guardian Dice (D12)
  • 1 Threat Level wooden token
  • 5 Barricade tokens
  • 2 Additional Player Packs (all components required for adding a 5th and 6th player to both Competitive Mode and Barricades Mode)

Quest 6: What Lies Beneath
This expansion also includes a sixth quest! What Lies Beneath is designed to work with Barricades Mode to create a seamless storytelling experience. What Lies Beneath can be played in normal competitive mode too. Includes:

  • Approximately 245 cards
  • 6 Dungeon tiles
  • Rulebook
  • Epic Thunderstone support cards
So, What’s It All Cost?

Here’s how it breaks down:

  • Champion Level Core Set – $124.99
  • Regular Core Set (currently awaiting a reprint) – $79.99
  • To The Barricades expansion – $64.99
  • Bundle Special: $169.99 for both the Champion and the To The Barricades Kickstarter Editions!