Warehouse 13: The Board Game – Kickstarter Edition

Includes exclusive Leena character materials while supplies last.

The Warehouse is a massive, top-secret government facility in South Dakota that houses dangerous and fantastical objects. Agents assigned to the Warehouse risk their lives to retrieve these artifacts to keep them away from nefarious individuals who seek to use the artifacts for personal gain. In Warehouse 13: The Board Game, players take on the role of Warehouse Agents who must work together to retrieve these artifacts. But is everyone looking out for the Warehouse’s interests, or might one of the Agents be secretly working for the Warehouse’s most ruthless adversary?

Warehouse 13: The Board Game can be played by three to five players in about two hours. Each game of Warehouse 13: The Board Game is considered a Season, played over a series of Episodes. Each Episode will involve the investigation and retrieval of one artifact. Warehouse Agents must investigate clues, then use those clues to retrieve the artifact. However, one player is the Traitor, who secretly works for the Adversary. For every artifact that is lost, the Adversary becomes more powerful and thereby more difficult to defeat.

At the beginning of the game, the Traitor is hidden. The Traitor can impact the game by failing to assist the Warehouse Agents, by failing to claim clues, or by failing to apply clues properly. If the Agents believe they have determined who the Traitor is, they can vote to Bronze that player, which reveals their Loyalty.

SOS Dino – Cooperative Kids’ Game

You need to react, anticipate, and work together as a team to save the four dinosaurs in SOS Dino! Draw a tile, place it on the board, then move one of the dinosaurs closer to the safety of the mountains. Pay attention to lava and meteor showers!

Endless Quest Books – Choose Your Own Adventure!

We have two entirely new Endless Question adventures ready for you to tackle, in both hardcover and trade paperback editions:

The Mad Mage’s Academy
You have been tasked with stealing the spell book of Halaster Blackcloak, the mad mage who controls the halls of Undermountain. The book is secreted away inside the halls of a magic academy, so you must navigate your way in by posing as a new student. But you need to move quickly in order to locate the spell book, steal it, and get away without being caught by the mad mage himself. Be on your guard, rogue.

Escape From Castle Ravenloft
You have entered the mist-shrouded realm of Ravenloft, where you attract the attention of Count Strahd, who decides to make you one of his vampire spawn. After awakening to find yourself alone within the walls of Castle Ravenloft, you must figure out how to escape the vampire lord’s Gothic lair before you are doomed to become his slave for all time. Keep your wits about you, cleric.

Monster Dice – Regular or Glow in the Dark!

The Toy Box Monsters YOU ROLL! Become Kids of Legendary Monsters. Collect the Most Candy on Halloween. The legendary monsters that we grew up with, now have kids of their own. In Monster Dice, you become little monsters rolling through the neighborhood trying to get the most candy on Halloween. Open the box to reveal your 8 Monster Dice and Candy Cards. This is everything you need to play various mini-games that will test your speed, reflexes, and hand-eye coordination.