Hi everyone, Bryan the owner here with a quick post to address some questions we’ve been getting regarding the coronavirus situation that is on many minds at the moment. I know there are varying degrees of concern about the virus and the national response to it, but we are hearing enough about it here at home that I felt it was my obligation to go over a few things with our customers.

As you may have heard, the University of Wisconsin in Madison (and in fact many universities around the country) made the announcement today that they are putting in place preventive measures to help reduce the potential spread of this disease while it runs its course. Spring break is next week, and the University has announced that they will suspend face-to-face instruction starting on March 23 (the day everyone would be returning to class) and continuing at least until Friday, April 10. Alternate (online) delivery of classes will take place during this time. As the parent of a UW sophomore, I appreciate this difficult decision. I would not be surprised if local school districts followed suit in some capacity.

Here at I’m Board, we have already seen an uptick in traffic, as our customers look for at-home entertainment for the coming time period. We have already heard from many customers who are cancelling travel plans (my own family has decided to postpone a spring break trip to New York) and it looks like “staycation” is a word that will be making a comeback. During this time we will be doing our very best to maintain good hygienic practices. The staff will be making an extra effort to ensure surfaces (especially common surfaces such as door handles, the front counter, and rest rooms) are regularly wiped down. For those with an added level of concern, we will happily wipe down an item after your purchase or even remove the shrink wrap before you leave.

As for our events, we currently have no plans to cancel anything. However, we do ask that, if you are not feeling well, please refrain from attending our events. Stay home – we’ll have more fun events for you once you feel better. This is absolutely a preventive measure that we can all partake in. Likewise, even if you feel fine, please also follow those good hygienic practices that I’m sure you have read about from many sources. While the virus has not directly impacted us here in the Madison area yet, it is reasonable to believe that it can and maybe will. The more we practice smart behaviors now, the better we will all be.

However, I want to be very clear that these steps are merely preventive in nature and being put in place to address the concerns of a relatively small, but still important, segment of our customer base. We do have many older customers, and this population has an understandable right to be extra careful. It is all of our responsibility to respect those feelings and act accordingly. In fact, this is a time when we should be extra respectful to everyone.

If the local situation changes and we need to take different precautions, we will certainly let you know. If you have any questions or concerns, please let your local I’m Board staffer know, or you can welcome to email me directly.

Thanks for your patience and understanding as we all get through these next few weeks together. We’ll be here to help bring some smiles to your tabletop.

— Bryan