A lot can happen in a couple days. We at I’m Board are committed to do our part to Flatten the Curve and ensure the progress of this outbreak is as well-managed as possible. We figured we would have to make this decision sooner or later, but with the announcement of a new case in Sun Prairie, we are making the decision now to cancel all gaming events until further notice. We are also closing our game rooms for open gaming. This is effective immediately. I know that some may think that we are being overly reactive, but on the contrary we see this as an important proactive and preventive measure.

As you can imagine, this is not an ideal decision for us, as events do contribute to our revenue. However, this is the right call.

I’m Board will remain open for sales as normal, and we do not anticipate any change in our ability to provide our excellent levels of customer service. If you (like many of us) are suddenly faced with canceled vacation plans and potential school closures, we have lots of great options to help keep everyone entertained. We will continue to maintain our enhanced hygenic practices as mentioned in our previous post.

Thank you again for your understanding and please let us know if you have any questions.