Hi everyone. Bryan the owner here, back with an update.

I’m Board stores will be open today from 10am until the time at which the State mandates we need to close. As I write this I’m not sure when that is, but possibly something like 5:00pm. Or it may be immediate. Additionally, it is likely we will not be able to provide delivery or curbside service once that deadline hits. Because of this uncertainty, we are going to suspend home delivery today, as we are not entirely sure we’ll be allowed to deliver your items after they are paid for.

We’ll know more once the official order is issued later today. At present I do not anticipate our store will fall into any “essential” category (although all we gamers may disagree). I also do not know how long we will remain closed, but I am personally preparing for a long haul.

So, it’s your last chance to come in and pick up those remaining items. We do have a few 1000-piece puzzles left at both locations (more will be transferred to Sun Prairie this morning, as they ran out yesterday). And while the shelves are a bit picked over we do still have many great games from which to choose. And as I mentioned a few days ago, it’s a great time to try something new and different.

I’ll chime in again after we close down. Thanks again for all your support.