As we announced a few days ago, we’ve been working hard on a means for customers to browse our inventory without entering the store. We’ve very happy to say that the I’m Board Online Portal is now live! As we mentioned in the previous post, the Online Portal is functional, but a bit inefficient. It contains a lot of old and out of date product, but we’ve been working hard to create several automated thematic collections that will let you know what is in stock at any one time.

You can link to the store here, and find links on our home page and menu bar above.

We anticipate a bit of an initial rush of orders, and we’ll be learning as we go, so thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we get used to this new reality.

We’d like to take to reiterate the importance of reading the “Important instructions” link found at the top of each page. It will tell you how to use the portal for your shopping, and cover the important distinctions that this is not a mail order catalog, and we will contact you after you submit your order to confirm stock, collect payment, and determine the method you will receive your items. And yes, you will be able to collect and use your Victory Points and any store credit you have accumulated!

And of course, you are always welcome to forego this system and simply call your local I’m Board store, where a staffer will be happy to provide the level of customer service you are accustomed.

Thanks again, and don’t hesitate to post or call with questions!