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Looking for that special Rare but don’t want to chase it down? I’m Board sells individual Magic cards! We currently stock most Modern-format cards in unplayed (near mint) condition. We also have cards from the Conspiracy set. We do not stock foils. If you are interested in buying cards, here is the best way to go about it:

  • Browse our binders, containing copies of every card organized by set and color. Binders may not leave the Game Center.
  • Fill out a Buy Sheet.
  • Hand your Buy Sheet to an I’m Board Magic staff member (not a Judge).
  • We will provide you with current pricing. This price is non-negotiable.
  • Be patient while we pick your order.
  • Finalize and pay for your cards at the register.

Please note, we often to not have the bandwidth to immediately pick a large order. In these cases, we may ask that you leave your list and return after we have had time to pick your cards.

Other cards can be ordered at current market price and will take a couple days to arrive. Prepayment in full is required and prices are locked at time of sale. We currently do not purchase Magic cards. We recommend these local businesses to sell your cards: