homegrid_mtgBuying and Selling Magic the Gathering Singles

Have some cards you no longer need? Looking for that special Rare but don’t want to chase it down? I’m Board now offers Magic singles! Read below for all the details!

We currently do not have standard times when we purchase Magic cards. It’s best to give us a call ahead of time at 608-831-6631 to ensure we have someone on staff with the knowledge and time required for your request.

Buying Cards from I’m Board!

We currently stock most Modern-format cards in unplayed (near mint) condition. We also have cards from the Conspiracy set. We do not stock foils. If you are interested in buying cards, here is the best way to go about it:

  • Browse our binders, containing copies of every card organized by set and color. Binders may not leave the Game Center.

  • Fill out a Buy Sheet, or create your own (containing similar info).

  • Hand your Buy Sheet to an I’m Board Magic staff member (not a Judge).

  • We will provide you with a total price for your order, including estimated sales tax. This price is non-negotiable.

  • Be patient while we pick your order.

  • Finalize and pay for your cards at the register.

Other cards can be ordered at current market price and will take a couple days to arrive. Prepayment in full is required and prices are locked at time of sale.

Selling Cards to I’m Board!

We only offer store credit for cards we buy. We do not offer cash. Store credit may be used for all in-store purchases.

  • Organize your cards by set and rarity.

  • Engage a Magic staffer (not a Judge) with your cards and be patient while they are processed.

  • Large collections may take a day or more to process.

  • We do not purchase bulk Magic cards.

  • All offers are non-negotiable.

  • Finalize and receive store credit for your cards at the register.

Our Current Buylist

The feed below originates from our supplier. Note that prices fluctuate continuously. Final prices will be quoted at time of transaction. Cards not listed will not be purchased. We do not purchase bulk Magic cards.