Magic the Gathering Events

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Magic is one of the most popular games in the word, and we have several Magic events every week! We pride ourselves on being a casual-friendly store, and our Magic events reflect that attitude. All skill levels are always welcome!

Wednesdays – Standard Constructed Tournament

  • Standard format – bring a legal 60-card Standard deck to play;
  • Registration starts at 5:30 – tourney starts at 6:00 sharp;
  • $5 entry fee (includes tax);
  • 32 participants max (general admission);
  • Tourney is sanctioned if at least 8 players participate;
  • Four Swiss pairing rounds at 45 minutes per round;
  • Prizes will be in the form of booster packs; amount depending on turnout.

Fridays – Friday Night Magic!

Sundays – Cheap-n-Casual Booster Draft

  • Registration starts at 12:30 – drafting starts at 1:00 sharp.
  • $10 entry fee (tax included), which includes 3 booster packs.
  • 32 participants max (general admission);
  • Tourney is sanctioned if at least 8 players participate;
  • A round of drafting plus 3 Swiss-paired rounds;
  • No prizes, but you get 3 boosters for cheap, and you keep everything you draft;
  • We will supply basic Land, which must be returned at the end of the day.

2nd & 4th Sunday Each Month – Magic School!

  • Always wanted to learn how to play the most popular game in the world? Looking for ways to improve your deck construction skills? Parents, are you wondering what the heck your kids keep talking about?
  • 1:00pm to 3:00pm; No cost.
  • Please show up by 1pm (or a little beforehand) if you plan to attend!
  • This will encompass everything from learning the game, getting more understanding to the basics that you already know, making a deck to play, all the way to learning how to participate in drafts and other types of Magic events.
  • We will try to make each session tailor to the desires and questions of those that show.