Star Wars Destiny Regional Championship FAQ and Information

Last updated: February 3, 2018 – Changes since last update in red

It is tournament day, and we will very likely be unable to see or respond to your last-minute emails. If you have a question, please call the store at 608-831-6631 and ask a staff member.

We’re looking forward to a big day of Destiny on Saturday, February 3! Below you will find some common questions and some best practices to help make it a great day!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still sign up? Will space be available for walk-ins?
We made online registration live on the day FFG announced the Regional locations a couple months ago, and since that time every available seat has been reserved. We will have space for 100 players, and no more. We have closed the online signup forms – if you are interested in playing you can call 608-831-6631 and ask to be added to the list, or come in to see if a seat is available. We have had some people drop, so it is possible but unlikely that we will have space for walk-ins.

What if I need to cancel my reservation?
You can either use the link found in your confirmation email you received when you reserved your spot, or you can email with your full name. Once you cancel your reservation, we will give that seat to the next available player on the waitlist.

Will you let more than 100 people play?
Due to space and safety reasons, we will not.

Are Deck Lists required?
Yes. You will turn in your deck list when you register with the Tournament Organizer. You can download a blank deck list here. You may also submit a deck list you created in something like Excel, and decklists generated by online resources such as Card Game DB are acceptable, provided they contain all the information on the official FFG deck list.

I won a Store Championship – what do I do?
First of all, let us know using the form on the right of this page, to better help us plan for your bye. You must bring the Regional Championship Bye card you received as a Store Championship prize and present it to the Tournament Organizer when you register. You must still arrive and register before the tournament beings, or you may lose your seat. We can not and will not give you a bye without the prize card. You will receive a bye for the first round, which equates to an automatic win for that round.

Will cards from Legacies and/or Rivals be legal on game day?
Legacies will be legal, as will the Legacies Starter Sets. Rivals will not be legal.

How long will the tournament last?
Be prepared for a long day of gaming. With 100 players, we will be playing eight, 35-minute, Swiss-paired rounds to determine a Top 8 (per FFG tournament rules). Those rounds plus administration and getting everyone moved around will likely take about 6 to 7 hours. If you make the Top 8, you will play even longer. You may of course drop at any time. Prizes for Top 64, 16, and 8 will be awarded after the initial Swiss rounds.

What are the prizes?

  • Top 64: Alternate art Patience.
  • Top 16: Clear acrylic damage tokens.
  • Top 8: Rey and Kylo Ren playmat.
  • Top 4: Plastic, full-bleed Grand Admiral Thrawn card.
  • Champion: Regional Champion trophy and National Championship prize bye.

How will tournament rankings be calculated?
We will be using FFG’s TOME event software to help run the tournament. TOME ranks players in the following priority:

  1. Score
  2. Strength of Schedule
  3. Extended Strength of Schedule
  4. Random

Strength of Schedule and Extended Strength of Schedule will be determined by the TOME software, and we will adhere to its output. Relative Strengths are based on the following calculations (from FGG’s TOME Help Guide):

Strength of Schedule

The player with the highest strength of schedule score is ranked highest. A player’s strength of schedule score s is calculated by summing each opponents average score per round a and dividing by the total number of opponents n he has played:

s = (a[1] + a[2] + ... + a[n]) / n

A player’s average score per round a is calculated by summing the number of match points earned p and dividing by the number of matches m the player has played:

a = (p[1] + p[2] + ... + p[m]) / m

This strength of schedule calculation avoids the issues caused by opponents dropping mid-tournament and first-round byes penalizing the player that receives them.

Extended Strength of Schedule

The player with the highest extended strength of schedule score is ranked highest. Extended strength of schedule is a new tiebreaker calculated in the same manner as strength of schedule, but it uses each opponent’s strength of schedule score rather than match points.

Will there be additional prizes?
Not based on performance. We will have other giveaways and door prizes.

Do you have public WiFi?
Yes but understand that bandwidth may be a bit taxed on game day.

Where can I learn more?
Right here. If you have additional questions, please email

Game Day Suggestions For Maximum Enjoyment

We will have a VERY full house. Here are some best practices we are requesting to ensure everyone is as comfortable as possible during the event.

  1. The tournament is scheduled to start at 11am. Please plan on arriving much earlier, so we can get everyone processed and the event started on time. We will be open at 9am.
  2. Pack lightly. There will be very little room for backpacks and additional gear. While it may be cold outside, it will be warm inside, so consider keeping your big winter coat in your car. Plan to bring your tournament materials and little else. Don’t bring your collection in; we simply won’t have room for it.
  3. Because of the large number of players, our games will be more tightly-packed than normal. Plan on your game space to be slightly wider than a standard playmat.
  4. Do remember that when your matches end, others may still be going on. Please keep post-play noise and discussions to a minimum within the play area. With this many players, it won’t take much to turn a few small conversations into a very loud room. If you do wish to discuss things, head to the front of the store to do so. Do not talk about games that are currently being played, or to their players.
  5. Be sure to keep your materials with you at all times. Being Star Wars fans, we know that none of you has been seduced by the Dark Side, but it is smart to keep your property with you.
  6. We have several food options near the store. There is a Jimmy John’s on one side of us and a Dominos on the other. There is also a market in our strip mall. We sell drinks in the store but not snacks. We are OK with outside food and drink, but once again remember that we will be in tight quarters. Be respectful of others, especially if you plan on bringing in any particularly fragrant food.
  7. Car pool. We have a large parking lot but we share it with several other businesses, and this event will stretch its limits. Consider street parking in the local neighborhoods.
  8. You will be in close proximity with 100 other game players for several hours. It’s a good day to make sure you are freshened up beforehand. Not a good day to cosplay as the garbage masher.
  9. If you require judge rulings during the tournament, you will be able to ask the Tournament Organizer. The TO will be as up-to-date on current issues and FAQs as possible. However, in the event that the TO feels additional information is needed, we reserve the right to consult with local top-level players who will also be playing in the tournament. We will ensure there are no conflicts of interest. The TO decisions will be final.
  10. Porgs will be petted and cuddled, then barbecued.
  11. This will be an Advanced Structure tournament. You can count on playing eight Swiss-paired rounds, cutting to a Top 8. Swiss rounds will consist of one game with a 35-minute time limit. Top 8 will then play single-elimination, best-of-three matches, with 90-minute time limits (except the Final, which has a 120-minute time limit).
  12. While the tournament rules do not specify, we WILL be requiring a deck list from each player. Please have your deck list filled out and ready to turn in when you arrive.
  13. Make sure you are up-to-date on the latest tournament rules and FAQs! Current information, including blank deck lists, can be found in the Tournament Resources section here.
  14. Have fun, and May The Force Be With You!