Magic the Gathering Promo Packs


The “MtG Core Set 2020 Season” goes from July 12 through September 27, and during this time we have new universal Promo Packs to give away! Read on for all the details!

These new packs were designed to replace most of the other promos WotC issued in the past for various Magic-related actives (FNM, Draft Weekend, etc.). These packs contain four cards each, using four slots for cards to be pulled from specific places:

  • Slot 1: A promo-stamped version of any rare or mythic rare from Core Set 2020
  • Slot 2: 75% of the time this will be another promo-stamped rare or mythic rare from this curated list; 25% of the time it will be a Japanese alternate-art planeswalker from War of the Spark
  • Slot 3: A promo-stamped alternate-art basic land
  • Slot 4: One of five M20 cards in the dark frame of previous FNM promos

And what’s more, 25% of the packs we get will be Premium Promo Packs, which will contain all foil cards!

The number of packs each store receives (and is allowed to distribute) is based on a system of metrics that WotC tracks. We thought long and hard about how to distribute these highly-sought-after packs, and we hope you agree that a system that rewards coming out and playing over pure winning is the best strategy. So here is how we are giving these coveted packs away…

Every time you come to play a regularly-scheduled Magic event at either I’m Board location, you become eligible for that week’s drawing. If you play in multiple events, your name is entered multiple times. Every Monday, *each store* will pull the player lists from the past week’s events, and randomly pick a number of players who will get a free pack. And, yes, it is possible for a player to be picked multiple times (if they played multiple times).

  • Middleton will give away 6 regular packs and 2 premium packs every week.
  • Sun Prairie will give away 3 regular packs and 1 premium pack every week.

The winning player names (first initial, last name) will be posted in our dedicated MtG Facebook Group, and with front desk staff. Or to make sure, join the email list on this page to get a weekly email notification! You will have four weeks to come pick up any packs you win (but please give us a call if you can’t make it for whatever reason – we’re reasonable people). In-store pickup only. After four weeks, your pack will be forfeited.

See you at the tables!

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