In-Store Shopping Rules During the Forward Dane Initiative

Forward Dane provides Dane County-specific data and guidance for how and when we can begin to allow people to interact in a safe way and incrementally reopen businesses using a phased approach. It complements the Wisconsin Department of Health Services’ Badger Bounce Back Plan and the guidance provided by the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation so everyone can understand their role in opening up our county.

During this time, I’m Board has imposed the following rules when shopping in the store. Note that these rules (and this page) may change as the Forward Dane initiative progresses. We gamers are good at following rules, so it should be no problem for anyone who wants to shop in the stores to follow these:

  1. In-store shopping is allowed and you are welcome to come in! Current store hours are posted on the home page.
  2. Customers are welcome to continue using our online shopping portal to place their orders for curbside pickup. We have set up a Pickup Zone right inside the door of each store so all you have to do is pop in, grab your order, and go.*
  3. If you are not feeling well, or are showing flu-like symptoms (even if you think it is just seasonal allergies), please do not enter the store.
  4. A cloth mask, covering both mouth and nose, must be worn at all times while in the store.
  5. We will be monitoring occupancy to ensure current occupancy limits are enforced. You may be asked to step outside and wait. Please understand this is both to maintain safety but also to comply with Dane County orders.
  6. Maintain that 6-foot distance! You all know how that works by now.
  7. No animals except for guide and service dogs allowed. Emotional support animals are not permitted.
  8. When you enter, you will be expected to give yourself a squirt of hand sanitizer, which will be provided inside the door. Even if you are wearing gloves.
  9. To better reduce crowding at the door, note the arrows at the front which will direct you which direction to go as you enter and leave.

If you are unable to, or have a reasons that prevent you from, complying with any of the above rules, you are very welcome to shop using our online portal, or we will happily take your call.

* The online shopping system has been working very well, and allows you to shop the inventory at both stores simultaneously. However, there is one minor caveat. Because we are merging a standalone online shopping system with the inventory at two locations, plus our (and your) desire to tie in Victory Points rewards to the sales, the end solution is that items you order may not actually reside at the store where you intend to pick them up. Rest assured when we contact you to collect payment info, we will let you know if items need to be transferred, and give you several easy options. Thanks for understanding!