Foil Promotional Card Distribution

fnm-logoWe have a total of 15 FNM Promotional Foil cards to give out every week! And to ensure each group (Sealed and Modern) is treated as fairly as possible, we will distribute these cards in the following manner:

  • There are two groups of players based on format: those playing Sealed, and those playing Modern.
  • One card will be given to each of the top four players in each group. The top four players are based on win-loss record, and will be determined by the Wizards Event Reporter (WER) software.
  • One card will be randomly given away to one player in each group at the end of play.
  • The remaining five cards will also be randomly given away at the end of play. These cards will be allocated based on the relative percentages of players in each group at the beginning of each event. See this table for the exact number of cards going to each group (Modern-Sealed). In the event that both groups have an equal number of players, the “fifth” card will be held and given away at a future FNM event.
  • At least 6 players are required for a group to have a legal match (6-7 players results in a casual event, 8+ is a sanctioned event). In the event that 5 or fewer players attend an event, all of the FNM Promotional Foil cards for that evening will be randomly given away to the other group. In the event that fewer than 15 players are in the other group, the remaining cards will be held and given away at a future FNM event.
  • All randomly-distributed cards will be handed out at the end of each event. The WER software will be used to select random players in each group. Players who drop are not eligible for these randomly-distributed cards.
  • A player may only receive one FNM Promotional Foil card per evening. Therefore, the top four players in each group are not eligible for any random drawing.

Example: 10 players are playing Sealed, and 20 are playing Modern. This creates a total player pool of 30 players:

  • 4 cards will go to each group for their top 4 players (that’s 8).
  • 1 card will automatically go to each group to be randomly given away (that’s 2 more).
  • That leaves 5 more cards to allocate between the two groups. 10 Sealed and 20 Modern equates to 33% and 67% of the 30-player group. Taking those percentages to the 5 leftover cards, 33% of 5 is 1.65, and 67% of 5 is 3.35. We then round (one up, one down) to get to the 3-2 allocation on the chart.
  • In the end, 7 cards go to the Sealed players, and 8 cards go to the Modern players.