I had a blast at our first Star Wars Destiny Tournament! A total of 15 players showed up for three games of swiss-style pairing. I really enjoyed the variety of decks I saw. I think it’s tough to build diverse and competitive lists when a game is first released so it was great to see that everyone had something of their own to bring. I’ll start with my own, which is actually just a shameless rip of Zach Bunn’s Han/Rey list over at Team Covenant (with one thermal detonator added): https://teamcovenant.com/star-wars-destiny/han-rey-the-aggro-decklist

Characters: 2
Rey (Elite)
Han (Elite)

Battle Field: Starship Graveyard

Upgrades: 14
2 x Holdout Blaster
2 x DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol
2 x Infiltrate
2 x Jetpack
2 x Cunning
1 x Jedi Robes
1 x Lightsaber
1 x Second Chance
1 x Thermal Detonator

Support: 3
2 x Infamous
1 x Play the Odds

Event: 14
1 x Negotiate
2 x Shoot First
2 x Unpredictable
1 x Hyperspace Jump
2 x Riposte
2 x Use the Force
2 x Deflect
1 x Mind Trick

I’ll let you read Zach’s explanation of the deck, since, well, he made it…but after playing it I have some thoughts, too.

This deck is fast, but reliant on ranged facings showing up and having the credits to fire them off and hit that high damage. I got outpaced by rolling poorly a few times but I saw more than a fair share of bad rolls from opponents, too. The deck has the capability of going late as well, with Hyperspace Jump, Mind Trick, and Second Chance (Han is usually the last man standing). Ambush has incredible value in this deck. You really must not hesitate to replace upgrades on Rey with ambush to net that free action (Ambush + Rey’s special ability). I saw people running Tactical Masteries – if I replace a holdout blaster on Rey I get a free Tactical Mastery!

I wasn’t a big fan of Cunning. It’s yellow only, so it had to go on Han, it has low value dice, no damage, and its special is conditional on something useful being on board. I think the most use I got out of it was rerolling it to play the odds in hopes of additional credits – I never actually had a useful target for its special. That may have just been the nature of my games but I feel like this is more suitable in a deck where you have your own card you may want to trigger it on rather than relying on copying an opponent.

As I said, I saw a wide variety of decks, which was fun. We saw primarily Villain, with only 4 Hero decks, I believe. But even within Villain there was a wide variety of combinations between Vader, Raider, Bala Tik, Veers, and Dooku. There were probably others I missed. I don’t think I saw any Jabba, but he’s something I want to try when I go Villain.

This is my first attempt at competition in Destiny and I must say I quite enjoyed it. The game has a good pace with engaging depth. It provides a breadth of decision making without getting into the weeds or stalling out. I hope the variety in deck lists continues as the meta settles – one frustration, especially early in a collectible games life, is seeing only a couple top tier deck lists to make competitive matches feel dull and repetitive.

The dice mechanic feels solid. I’m not normally a fan of random number generation, but the decision of when to reroll, what dice to reroll, when you need a facing and how to use it, is fluid and interesting. In this deck I had to balance when to capitalize on my action surges or take single actions to either establish my board or reroll my dice into more favorable facings. I also didn’t have a single sweep in my games – they were all quite close. One game came down to one health left on Han and a lucky reroll on my part. The thrill of the aspect of chance through rolling dice can’t be beat.

But, before I decide to take that risky reroll – always tell me the odds.