Kickstarter Projects We Are Backing

The evolution of Kickstarter has been interesting over the past few years, with many wannabe (and existing) publishers seeing the marketing advantages of the KS platform, while increasingly seeing the importance that brick-n-mortar game stores have in both the initial and long-term viability of a product. Plus, they are understanding that many potential buyers simply don’t want to directly back KS projects. As such, most tabletop gaming projects now include a method for retailers to back a project. Below are the projects that we are currently backing, as well as some projects that we have decided not to back. If you would like to preorder one of these games, give us a call at 608-831-6631 and a staffer will add you to the list! In-store pickup only (we do not ship). If you don’t see a particular project on this list, we probably don’t know it exists. Send an email to or join our dedicated Facebook group to alert us of a project you feel we may find interesting. There are several reasons why we decide to not back a project, but the main ones are:

  • We don’t think we will be able to sell enough copies. Often we have to bring in a minimum quantity, and if we don’t feel that we can sell that minimum quantity, we will wait for the product to show up in our regular distribution channels (if it ever does).
  • The project boasts waves of add-ons and stretch goals. These tend tend to be “giant boxes of minis with a game attached” projects, and they tend to be logistical nightmares (and often very late in delivering).
  • The manufacturer does not offer retailers the KS version and/or stretch goals. We want to provide you the same stuff as everyone else.
  • The manufacturer does not offer realistic retailer terms. If we won’t be able to sell it to you at the same price they offer and still make a profit, we are not interested. This is also a red flag that the manufacturer has not done their homework.
  • Shipping costs. This is often an issue with projects that originate overseas. Again, we want to be able to sell it to you without charging you shipping, so the costs must be small enough that we can “eat” those expenses and still be profitable.
  • We simply don’t trust the project. Call it experience, or gut, or a simple “we have a bad feeling about this.”

Please note that the list below should not be considered comprehensive.

Game/Project NameAre We Backing It?Has It Arrived?
A Delve in the Cave: 5th Edition Adventure YesNo
A Song of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures GameYesNo
Air FlixYesNo
Arcadia Quest: RidersYesYes
Artifices of Quartztoil Tower - 5E AdventureYesYes
Bargain Quest Second Printing + The Black Market ExpansionNo
Batman: Gotham City Chronicles No
Bee Lives: We Will Only Know SummerYesNo
Call to Adventure featuring Name of the WindNo
Champions NowYesNo
City of Brass for 5eYes (5e only)No
City of Gears, a Game of Discovery, Development & DisruptionYesNo
Court of the Dead: Mourners Call Board GameYesNo
Crusader Kings The Board Game YesNo
Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done - Deluxified™YesNo
Cthulhu: Death May DieYes, but "Unspeakable" pledge Level only! No giant Cthulhu statues.No
Dice Throne: Season Two! YesNo
Direwild! A cooperative deckbuilding dungeon crawlYesNo
Downfall - Deluxified™ EditionYesNo
Dr. Horrible's Evil League of Evil: The Board GameNo
Dual Powers: Revolution 1917 YesNo
Dungeon Crawl Classics LankhmarYesNo
Dungeon Derby: A real-time, push your luck party game.No
Edge of Darkness from AEG YesNo
Efemeris - Celestial DominationNo
Endeavor: Age of Sail YesNo
Escape PlanYesNo
Escape the Dark CastleNo
Fantastic Factories: A Dice Placement Engine Building GameYesNo
FINCA - board game with fruitsNo
Fireball IslandYesNo
Football Highlights 2052 – Mike Fitzgerald’s New Card Game!YesNo
For the Love of Board Games — A Book for Board GamersYesNo
Forbidden CityNo
Gearworks: A steampunk strategy card gameYesYes
Gentes - Deluxified™ EditionYesNo
Getaway DriverYesNo
Heroes of Land, Air & Sea: Pestilence + HLAS 2nd PrintingNo
Inhuman Conditions: A Game of Cops and RobotsLooking into it
Lincoln by Martin WallaceYesNo
Mapmaker: The Gerrymandering GameNo
Master of the Galaxy - a 4X board game of galactic expansionYesNo
Miremarsh No
Miskatonic University: The Restricted Collection Board Game YesNo
Monster DiceYesNo
Moonshiners of the ApocalypseYesNo
Nickelodeon’s Splat AttackYesNo
Nova Cry: A 30-minute Sci-Fi Card GameYesNo (and probably will not ship)
Overturn: Rising Sands No
Overworld - 16-Bit Tile-Placement & Exploration BoardgameYesNo
Pearlbrook: The First Expansion for EverdellNo (we tried)
Power Outage - A TRPG for Kids and AdultsNo
Raccoon TycoonNo
Rappan Athuk: Reborn for Fifth Edition!YesNo
ROBA: Radiant Offline Battle Arena - Competitive Card GameYesNo
Root: A Game of Woodland Might and RightYesYes
Rurik: Dawn of KievYesNo
Shadowrun: Sprawl Ops Boardgame No
Sigil & Sign — Cthulhu Mythos RPG where you play the cultistYesNo
Snowdonia Deluxe Master SetNo
Solarius MissionNo
Solomon KaneNo
Sorcerer CityYesNo
Streets of SteelNo
TerrainCrate - Plastic, affordable, fantasy terrain!YesYes
The 7th ContinentNo
The Artemis ProjectYesNo
The Binding of Issac: Four SoulsNo
The Expanse Roleplaying GameYesNo
The Fantasy TripYesNo
The Kung Fu Panda Board GameNo
The Neverland RescueYesNo
The PrimaryYesNo
The Reckoners YesNo
Tiny Epic Mechs - Mechanized Entertainment Combat HeroesLooking into it
Trogdor!! The Board GameNo
Vast: The Mysterious ManorYesNo
Villagers - Card drafting & village building for 1-5 playersNo
Warehouse 13: The Board GameYesNo
Your Best Game Ever!YesNo
Zombicide: Green HordeYesYes
Zombicide: InvaderYesNo