Kickstarter Projects We Are Backing

The evolution of Kickstarter has been interesting over the past few years, with many wannabe (and existing) publishers seeing the marketing advantages of the KS platform, while increasingly seeing the importance that brick-n-mortar game stores have in both the initial and long-term viability of a product. Plus, they are understanding that many potential buyers simply don’t want to directly back KS projects. As such, most tabletop gaming projects now include a method for retailers to back a project.

Due to the volume of projects we are backing, the most accurate list of games we currently are backing and have backed in the past is on our Kickstarter profile. Note that while most of the games are being backed for the store, there are some projects that have been backed on an individual basis.

If you would like to reserve one of the games that we have backed, give us a call at 608-831-6631 and a staffer will add you to the list! Note that, especially with older projects, we may no longer have the ability to reserve a copy for you. In-store pickup only (we do not ship). You are also welcome to join our dedicated Facebook group to alert us of a project you feel we may find interesting. There are several reasons why we decide to not back a project, but the main ones are:

  • We don’t think we will be able to sell enough copies. Often we have to bring in a minimum quantity, and if we don’t feel that we can sell that minimum quantity, we will wait for the product to show up in our regular distribution channels (if it ever does).
  • The project boasts waves of add-ons and stretch goals. These tend tend to be “giant boxes of minis with a game attached” projects, and they tend to be logistical nightmares (and often very late in delivering).
  • The manufacturer does not offer retailers the KS version and/or stretch goals. We want to provide you the same stuff as everyone else.
  • The manufacturer does not offer realistic retailer terms. If we won’t be able to sell it to you at the same price they offer and still make a profit, we are not interested. This is also a red flag that the manufacturer has not done their homework.
  • Shipping costs. This is often an issue with projects that originate overseas. Again, we want to be able to sell it to you without charging you shipping, so the costs must be small enough that we can “eat” those expenses and still be profitable. However, more recently we are needing to pass those shipping costs along as well. The big advantage is you don’t need to prepay, tying up and risking your own money.
  • We simply don’t trust the project. Call it experience, or gut, or a simple “we have a bad feeling about this.”