OK gang, there’s a lot of unpack here, so read the whole post and send your requests to “info at imboardgames dot com” to get on the preorder lists! Because of many uncertain variables (see below), we ask that you only preorder items if you intend to pick them up regardless of when we are able to sell them to you. Send your full name, your phone number, the items you wish to preorder, specific quantities, and your chosen store location. Note the restrictions indicated below. First emailed, first served. No payment required until you pick up your items.

First, Important Info About Dates

The prerelease and release dates for Ikoria are now both Friday, May 15th. That date may very well change, and even if it does not, we may still be closed. If the state decides to extend the Safer At Home initiative (and frankly I think they will) and Ikoria releases during that time, we will not be able to sell you product until we reopen. We have zero plans to go against the Safer At Home initiative and open up curbside sales or delivery options, unless the State order changes. If it does, we will react accordingly and make many postings. I am also anticipating that, even when on-site sales do open up again, gathering for gaming will still be locked down for a while.

Items Available for Preorder

Ikoria Booster Box – $143.64 $114.91 everyday price
Ikoria Pre-Order booster boxes will have the bonus Buy-a-Box promo Godzilla, King of the Monsters and a Special Arena Code, which unlocks special sleeves and a Serra the Benevolent Avatar!

Ikoria Bundle – $39.99 $35.99 preorder price
Contains 10 Ikoria Booster Packs, 20 Foil and 20 Regular Lands, 1 Foil Promo, Spindown life counter, and more.

Ikoria Commander Deck Set – $199.95 $159.96 preorder price
Includes all 5 Ikoria Commander decks. Note that individual decks may not be preordered.

Ikoria Collector Booster Box – $299.88 $239.90 preorder price
Contains 12 Ikoria Collector Booster packs. Note that individual Collector Packs may not be preordered.

Ikoria Prerelease Kit – $29.99 $25.99 “Prerelease at Home” price
Contains 6 Ikoria packs, foil-stamped Rare or Mythic, spindown life counter, and Magic Arena code.
We are anticipating that, even if we are open when Ikoria releases, we will still not be running in-store prerelease events. As such, we will be able to sell prerelease packs and mark you down as a “Prerelease at Home” participant!

Prices listed do not include sales tax.