Run your Event at I’m Board!

Whether you’re just looking for a table to play your favorite game or organizing a tournament, party, or other event, we’re happy to help!

There are three tiers of events you can request space for in our game center: single table, private group, and store supported group. All tiers must abide by the game center rules that can be found on our web page.

Please note that reservations are subject to cancellation for any reason. In the unlikely event that this occurs, we will give you as advanced notice as possible.

Single Table

To request a single table, select a single table grouping from the image below and email your selection along with the date and time period you’d like the reservation for. Table requests made well in advance are more likely to be available.

Example: August 1, 2017, 1pm-5pm, Middleton, Tables 21-23, [brief description, number attending, game being played, etc.]

We’ll try to respond within a business day whether the space is available. If it is, we’ll hold that space for you during the requested time. If you do not arrive within 15 minutes of the start time of your reservation, it may be cancelled. If you know you will be late, contact the respective store and we will attempt to extend your reservation, time permitting.

Private Group

Private group events are for multiple table groupings, such as group gaming events, birthdays, tournaments, etc. The difference between a private group event and a store supported group event is the level of I’m Board’s involvement.

For private group events, we will provide you with the space to run your event (depending on availability) and nothing else. Meaning, we will not advertise the event, create sign-ups, provide prize support, or otherwise be involved in how the event is run other than to ensure that all participants abide by our store rules.

What we require:

  • We will charge all participants, including you as the organizer, a fee for entry on the day of the event in order to cover the expenses involved with use of the space. The fee may vary depending on factors such as size of the space used and duration of event but typically runs $5-$10 a person.

If you wish to run a private group event, please submit the name of your event, the game being played, the date and time period you’d like to reserve, and the exact tables you’d like to reserve for your event based on the diagram below. Only those tables you select and we approve will be reserved. Requests can be submitted to

Depending on the size of your event, we may request that it begin no earlier than an hour after our regular opening time.

Store Supported Group Event

For store supported group events, we will not only provide you with space (depending on availability), but will also work with you closely to provide additional support. In return, we will require your cooperation with additional requirements.

Support we provide:

  • Advertising through our social media and other channels such as Facebook, in-store TV bumps, and flyers.
  • We will manage sign-ups and attendance for you.
  • Prize support.
  • Direct assistance in arranging, managing, and set up for your tournament.
  • As a thank you for working with us in organizing your event, we will waive your entry fee and award you with Victory Points on your store account.

What we require in return:

  • All conditions of the event must be submitted to us for approval. I’m Board is dedicated to maintaining a casual, family friendly environment. This holds true even for games with some degree of competition, including tournaments. To this extent, we may ask you to change certain parameters of your tournament to meet our goal of keeping our events open and fun for everyone.
  • We will manage player sign-up in advance, and registration on the day of.
  • An entry fee may be charged to participants depending on the prize support you desire. For example, for some events we may collect a fee but this will go back to the players in the form of gift certificates or store product. For other events, we may retain a portion of the fee for overhead expenses.
  • We will collect any fees that may apply on the day of the event. We ask that you do not charge your participants a fee, whether for personal expenses or otherwise, and that you do not collect any fees on our behalf.
  • As with all events, all participants must comply with the game center rules.

If you wish to run a store supported group event, please submit the name of your event, the game being played, the date and time period you’d like to reserve, and the exact tables you’d like to reserve for your event based on the diagram below. Only those tables you select and we approve will be reserved. Additionally, please include the parameters of your tournament. For example: How many rounds? What structure — single elimination? Round robin? What restrictions? What prizes would you like to see? How do you wish those prizes to be rewarded? What is the player cap for sign-ups? Etc. We will review this information and return it to you with any changes we may require. Requests can be submitted to

We may ask you to change some of these parameters before we approve your event. Once it is approved, we will move on to the next step.

After your event has been approved, think of how you’d like to advertise your event. As you are more likely to be more of an expert on your event than we are, provide us with some text you think would be most appealing to potential participants. We will convert your message into social media posts, flyers, and an in-store TV bump.

We greatly appreciate your cooperation in making an affiliated event. We are more than happy to work with you throughout the process, so be in touch with us through the email with any questions or requests you may have.

Middleton Game Room Layout

Sun Prairie Game Room Layout