Upcoming changes to our Wednesday Dungeons & Dragons nights

The popularity of Dungeons & Dragons continues to grow, and with it comes an increase in the number of people who want to come play on a regular basis, and the number of new players looking for a taste of the game in action.

For the past few years our Wednesday night Dungeons & Dragons games have been very open-ended, with Dungeon Masters able to run the games they wish. This has been very freeing for the DMs, and players have gravitated to certain games, which is awesome. However, we have observed that it has been increasingly difficult to shoehorn new and interested players into these games, which has the unwanted effect of creating inconsistency and potentially frustrated players (both established and new) as well as the DMs, who have been asked to be as inclusive as possible for new players in their games.

Also, we are interested in reestablishing our use of Wizards of the Coast’s Adventurers League program, which was largely adrift for a while but has recently become a better-organized tool for evenhanded play among game groups.

With these two situations in mind, we are in the process of changing our Wednesday evening D&D offerings, both in terms of adding Adventurer’s League play, but also in creating an environment where players are more-easily able to drop in to games. Our plan is to enact these changes starting on Wednesday, March 7, giving our current DM’s the next four weeks to wrap up or transition their current games. Read on to learn about our plans going forward, both for players and Dungeon Masters alike!

Adventurers League

The first major change is we will be moving to “official” Adventurers League materials. These are designed as one-shot adventures that can and often do link up to a current or upcoming storyline. Each is designed to get the session done in 2-3 hours, perfect for our Wednesday evening schedule. The adventures are organized by “tiers” based on the level of the characters (for example, 1st through 4th level characters can play in first-tier adventures). We plan to run 3 to 4 tables on each Wednesday, with a variety of tiers represented (but mostly first and second tier). You can learn more about how it all works and download many guidelines on WotC’s Adventurers League site.

What Players Can Expect

When you arrive on Wednesday evening, you will not go directly to the same DM’s table you always go to. Instead, you will sign in with our on-staff coordinator and be pseudo-randomly assigned a table based on your character’s tier (you may wish to run characters in several tiers to give yourself more potential variety). We can of course keep friends and family members together. You will then join your group and find out what adventures await you! We like to think that every evening will be like a game convention, playing with new players and new DM’s each week. Adventurer’s League is designed to allow characters to easy drop into games, giving you more adventuring possibilities.

What Dungeon Masters Can Expect

If you are a current DM or would like to join our pool of DMs (more are always welcome!) we are planning on offering the following:

  • We will purchase Adventurers Leagues adventures for your use.
  • You will be given access to a private Facebook group where you can share ideas and coordinate which adventures you would like to run, and when.
  • You will have access to an I’m Board staff member who is dedicated to D&D nights and making sure you have the materials and coordination you require. Ideally, we will have enough available DM’s that we can rotate schedules, so you do not necessarily have to dedicate every week to the game.
  • You get to run a variety of adventures with a variety of players.
  • We would also like to host periodic one-shot adventures just for brand new players, to help introduce the game.
  • You will earn Victory Club points and product discounts based on your level of participation.

DM’s Wanted!

If you are interested in being a Dungeon Master on Wednesday evenings, please fill out the form below, even if you are currently DM’ing at I’m Board.